What is PageRank?

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What is PageRank and why is it good to be high?
You don't need to be an SEO specialist to understand that if the PageRank of a page is high, it's good… But before we enter details, let's examine first what the PageRank is.

PageRank is an algorithm for analyzing hyperlinks on the web , employed by the Google program , to offer a weight to every element of a group of documents interconnected by hyperlinks, so as to live the relative importance within the set. If page A contains a link to page B, it's implicitly assumed that

A states about B that it's important, so B must be better ranked within the rankings. The more qualitative links to a site, the upper its PageRank and therefore the higher the ranking. The PageRank is an integer which will take values between 0 and 10.

But the definition given by the wiki may be a slightly dusty one, the PageRank losing its importance within the meantime.

Internal and public pageRank
Although there are many that have a vague idea of what PageRank is and may give their opinion about its importance, not many realize the existence of an indoor PageRank and a public one.

The visible PageRank, ie the one made public by Google in various add-ons within the toolbar or on various sites, is totally different from the interior one, employed by Google in its ranking algorithm. one among the differences would be that the general public.

PageRank is updated several times a year, at intervals of several months, and therefore the internal one is updated daily.

The PageRank of a replacement site is therefore irrelevant, because it's not yet managed to profit from a public PageRank update. However, it's possible for such a "newborn" site to seem higher within the results page than a site with a better PageRank.

How so important PageRank?

Although we cannot deny the importance of PageRank in positioning as high as possible within the results displayed by search engines, there are other factors that influence this, like the relevance of the page for that search (On-Page optimization).

Specially optimizing a page for a specific search can elevate one page over another with a better ranking.

The importance it's for positioning in results and for faster indexing of the page by Google, doesn't make PageRank the sole determining factor for an honest place within the results page of the program .

Quality content, focused on the requirements of the reader, which naturally attracts backlinks, also as On-Page optimization, can place the page during a good position within the results.So let's not worship

PageRank as a supreme god and accept that there are many other "deities" besides him who add favor of the position of a page within the SERP (Search Engine Results Page).


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