What is Link Exchange?

06/01/2021 12:00 AM by Admin in Seo

Link exchange is certainly one among the foremost difficult things that anyone who wants an internet site optimization process has got to do. So we are talking a few process that aims to market a specific website, blog or business in search engines like Google.

So, after an internet site has been built subsequent goal is to seek out the web site within the search engines (Google, MSN, Yahoo, etc.). It should be noted here that an internet site becomes attractive to look engines thanks to its popularity and references to the web site in question.

I will give an example as simple as possible: A book is effective due to the knowledge it contains. If an increasing number of individuals recommend the book, its value increases, its credibility and celebrity will bring more and more readers.

The same principle applies to websites or blogs. Obtaining references from other sites actually means obtaining links to our site, obtaining a growing relevance, popularity and credibility not only from visitors but also from engines. search. And this relevance is that the main objective of an internet site optimization process.

These links are often obtained through several methods. Contacting site owners and offering them a link exchange (reciprocal exchange). This approach are often done via e-mail, telephone, in person, etc. Whatever you opt to choose , do not forget to incorporate this process in your website optimization strategy!

So there are two main ways to realize the "link exchange" process: "not reciprocal" and "reciprocal". Google recommends through experts the "not reciprocal" option because the best. But it's also the toughest . Some people can get this process through "paid inclusion", ie website owners pay other websites to place a link to their sites. It still remains the only "reciprocal" option and since it doesn't involve too high costs.

In conclusion, this process of gathering references (ie relevant links) for an internet site is completely necessary within the website optimization process and is closely associated with another process called "Creating quality content on the website", about which we'll discuss within the next article.


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