What is Backlink?

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One of the foremost used words within the field of program optimization (SEO) is "backlink" or "link". For several of these who are just beginning to work on a web presence (bloggers, company websites), this term is confusing and is usually misunderstood.

In this article i would like to explain this term (backlink) and emphasize the essential advantages and benefits that links can bring you.

What is a backlink?
From a technical point of view, the backlink may be a link between 2 sites . This link is formed by inserting the referral code to a URL within the text of a page (or in an image). This link to may be a real example of a link, and that they have an enormous impact on the preeminence of web sites in Google results. Therefore, backlinks are considered very useful for improving the ranking of an internet site .

Since 1999, the amount of backlinks has been considered the most think about ranking an internet page. albeit program algorithms have evolved within the meantime, and as they calculate rankings, they use more and more factors to display search results, backlinks have remained the deciding factor to the present day.

The evolution of algorithms has given search engines the power to filter and categorize links. Therefore, engines give importance to natural and qualitative links and to not their quantity.

Example: Site B belongs to a restaurant and receives a backlink from site A, which may be a blog that promotes healthy eating. during this case, we are talking a few valid, natural and relevant backlink.

What is a backlink
Another example of a qualitative backlink (valid, natural and relevant) would be: Site C belongs to a construction company that builds blocks of flats. He receives a backlink within the text of a true estate marketing research article on site D, which may be a news portal.

Due to the importance of backlinks, there are tons of incorrect practices to urge them. Two of those incorrect practices disliked by search engines are the exchange or sale of backlinks. Typically, search engines (Google. Bing or Yandex) index and penalize websites suspected of involvement in such practices.

Below may be a glossary of common backlink terms that you simply should know.

Glossary Backlinks
Most of those terms don't require a translation into Romanian, because they're utilized in the SEO industry only within the original form.

Link Juice:
When a site obtains a link from another website, the latter transmits an amount of authority from its own authority. the quantity of authority transferred is named link juice. Therefore, the more juice a site receives, the greater the authority of its domain. Authority transfer are often stopped by assigning a nofollow link tag.

Link Nofollow:
Nofollow links are those links that don't transmit authority to a different website. to form a nofollow link you want to be assigned a nofollow tag as within the example below:

Link Text
Dofollow links:
By default, all the links you add during a text are dofollow links and that they transfer authority (link juice).

Low-Quality Links
Low-quality links come from automated sites, spam websites, sites that publicly declare that they sell links, or maybe porn sites. Such connections do more harm than good. this is often why you would like to take care when buying links.

Internal Links
Internal Links are links that go from one page to a different within an equivalent website. the method itself is named "internal linking".

Link Building
The process by which you're employed on multiplying links to your site is named link building. Usually, this is often a difficult process and requires SEO knowledge and skills gained over time, which is why many website owners pay digital marketing agencies like to start out link building campaigns instead.

Anchor Text
The text used for hyperlinks is named anchor text. Using anchor text correctly helps bring some keywords into Google's results.

Anchor Text
What are the advantages of backlinks?
Before talking about the advantages of backlinks, you ought to know that tons of things have changed from the beginnings of SEO so far . There was a time when even inferiority links helped a site rank in results. But since Google launched the Penguin algorithm , the entire backlinking landscape has changed.

Today it's important for a site to possess contextual links from quality sites. If, for instance , you've got a site about double-glazed windows and you link to a site about medicines, these links won't be useful. Your goal should be to urge links from relevant sites within the first place.

Number of Domains
So, the foremost important thing to stay in mind about SEO backlinks is that: it's not the amount of backlinks that matters, but rather their quality.

However, why are quality backlinks important and what are the advantages they bring?

Improve organic positioning in Google results
First of all, backlinks help to urge better rankings in search engines.

If any of the pages on your site have organic links from other sites, this page will naturally be higher in results than the opposite pages. Your goal should be to make links to individual posts / pages along side people who cause the homepage.

Faster indexing by search engines
When you create a replacement page or post on your site, it'll not appear in program results as long because it isn't indexed. Backlinks help program bots discover links to your site and access it effectively. Therefore, after you create that page, even a post on social networks will increase its chances of indexing. to not mention the links that come from high authority sites.

Reference traffic
One of the main benefits of backlinks is that they assist to urge referral traffic.

If, for instance , a link to your site is made within the context of a piece of writing on a well-liked news portal, then you've got every chance that it'll receive multiple clicks, generating traffic. Usually, this traffic features a low bounce rate which brings a further SEO input.


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